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Inner Wolf Jewelry

About Inner Wolf Jewelry

Inner Wolf Jewelry is in my studio located in Vancouver, BC. I am of First Nations heritage and a majority of my work is inspired by my roots, the world, spirituality and created to inspire and energize. I use materials close to Mother Earth.  

I’ve always had a deep connection with crystals and minerals and animals. They have become the centre of many of my designs, from earrings to dreamcatchers. I use some geo-plated crystals - mostly mixed mineral crystals, but I try to stick to the raw natural stones as much as possible.  If you are ever curious about a specific crystal used in a creation, please ask!

Some Inner Wolf Jewelry pieces also come from animals gifted to me and also gifted by an elder. I have porcupine quills, hair and owl feathers. Some items such as these I incorporate into my jewelry when I feel it’s right. Everything is humanly sourced. No animals are ever not honoured in their gift to me.  

About Ashya Elizabeth

Inner Wolf Jewelry is me: Ashya Elizabeth, from First Nations Cree from Treaty 6 territory. I am also mixed with Turkish. My heritage is a major influence in my life, and I find the art of jewelry is an amazing conduit for my knowledge.

Growing up, I was taught about my heritage and culture in a strong household with a smart-as-hell mother, who gave me the knowledge about our First Nations ancestors and history. She has spent her life learning and teaching, with three degrees and teaching about missing and murdered Indigenous women. She was sure to raise me to understand and become knowledgeable about my ancestry and cultural history.  

I made my first dreamcatcher when I was 8-years-old, and still have it to this day. My aunties and family taught me most of what I know about making dreamcatchers, as well as doing beadwork and moccasins. Art has always been a part of my life, and creating artisanal objects by hand gives me a strong sense of purpose. 

I attended the University of Saskatchewan and studied Art and Art History, looking into different art mediums such as lithography, printmaking and painting. My creative side enjoys working outside the classic mold, though I didn’t try making jewelry until I noticed that I love to alter and play with jewelry I bought. I would see necklaces or bracelets, and try to piece it together to look the way I wanted it to. Naturally, my art practice grew to include jewelry. 

I became serious about making jewelry in 2015, and the positive feedback I received from the community made me believe this was the right path for me. I aim to pass on the stories and history of my ancestors, while making my customers feel unique and beautiful. I  am continuously developing my techniques and craft to make different pieces, and take any opportunity I can to learn something new about making jewelry. 

My values guide my business practise: honesty, authenticity, and affordability. The mix of materials I use is influenced by my culture and heritage, and carefully selected and curated. I source most of my materials from the earth, including crystals and naturally shed antlers. Feathers used in my pieces are sourced from my elders. Each piece is designed with a feeling or thought in mind. 

It makes me happy to push myself and challenge my abilities, and I am excited by every piece I make. Asides from my online shop, I sell in a variety of small businesses across Canada that are supportive of the community. I also set up at local markets, which I love because I get to meet my customers face-to-face, and see them light up about their purchase. All my work feels worth it when I see that customers feel they have something special and are proud to be wearing one of my creations. Thank you to every single person who has purchased a piece from me along the way - your support is very appreciated! Hiy Hiy!