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Open Laughing - Charismatic Chocolate Bar (28g)
Open Laughing - Charismatic Chocolate Bar (28g)
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Open Laughing - Charismatic Chocolate Bar (28g)

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Open Laughing – Charismatic Chocolate Bar

Bewildered in wonder, this bar is chocolate-cheer that will have you grin from ear to ear. One fudgy bite will have you Open Laughing in delight.

Taste: Like ultra-rich chocolate fudge, but high on health!

Need-to-Know: This chocolate bar is made with organic raw cacao, maca root, hemp seeds, goji berries, camu camu berries, pau d'arco, blue green algae, vanilla beans, raw honey, grapefruit, lemon, and a dash of virgin coconut crème.

The Creation Story Behind the Bar:

Resting in the hands of creation, Ron and Nadine were asleep in the soil of lavender and chamomile flowerbeds. Even the bees' fuzzy heads, drunk on pastel-nectar, had sunk into the filament-flutes of lavender's reverie. Everyone stirred to the song of white feathered friends chirping to raise the sun. Morning had spoken fresh from the word, in flower, in song. Ron and Nadine awoke to this flowery-dream, only to find chocolate in their pocket. The chocolate was wrapped in a silver map. Inside, X marked the treasure spot to Xochitl, the Dream Flower Valley where the rose ever blooms. And so it was written in the legend of this map:

Praise inhalation.
Slowly take twice a bite,
Slide on your vanilla bean slippers.
Spin thrice to the right.
Mind is the sunlight.
Another bite or two,
Disappears into the air inside you.
Now flowers in your eyes, look to the skies.
Take the first step (which is always the last).
Go past the frankincense tree,
Tap the sap, roll in roots of rose-revelry.
Gather round the tree of goji. Blink.
Sink and you are in the valley.

Hand in hand, they took the pathless land. There they were embraced by the fragrance of grace, in the laughter of roses. They chose the most fun playing circles with the sun. The flower notes the cacao was striking released great levity of laughter. Everything lifted in a breeze of accord, all on the ride of the hidden tide in their chests.


Cacao beans – Theobroma caca Pure, raw, unadulterated cacao ground into luscious, rich chocolate.
Maca root - Lepidium meyenii Enjoyed in Peru as a tasty addition to food and drink, this root adds a sparkle to the eye, boosts energy and juiciness, ignites lovers, and sparks desire.
Hemp seeds - Cannabis sativa Hemp seeds lend a lovely dose of essential fatty acids and a nutty taste similar to piñons to the chocolate.
Goji berries - Lycium barbarum Goji berries taste tart and a little herbal, similar to the taste of cranberries. The red berries are packed with amino acids, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
Camu camu berries - Myrciaria dubia Camu camu berries are another wonder from the Amazon, and the residents eat these gigantic berries as a juicy treat that taste a little like sour cherries. The highly nutritious fruit imparts zip and zing for improved energy and a balanced demeanor.
Pau d'arco - Tabebuia impetiginosa Indigenous peoples call the pau d’arco tree tajy, which translates as "to have strength and vigor." They steep the bark as a tea and sip it to boost energy. There is 2,363 mg (0.083oz) of pau d’arco per 4oz chocolate bar.
Spirulina - Arthrospira platensis This blue green algae is a rich source of bright-mind nutrients along with loads of antioxidants.
Vanilla beans - Vanilla planifolia Freshly ground Vanilla beans lend a nymph-like hint of mouth-watering sweetness. This infamous amorous ingredient delights the senses with tantalizing honey notes.
Raw honey Raw honey is an ambrosial blessing created by the grand design of glorious honey bees. All natural wildflower honey is the bee’s knees for natural sweetness.
Grapefruit - Citrus paradisi Grapefruit is a sunny citrus that adds a dash of happy revelry to every bite.
Lemon - Citrus limon Lemon sends a tangy invitation to delight. This bright citrus is clarifying, uplifting, and strengthening to frazzled nerves.
Virgin coconut - Cocos nucifera Lavish lipids lubricate the taste buds and carry creaminess to the extreme.